Sour 15 ?! It’s My Birthday !!

안녕하세요 !

Yayyy it’s my birthdayyy !! 생일 축하  ️🎉️🎈

Thanks to Allah for let me breathe until today !

may 19 aisyah

My birthday is one day after Young Bae‘s birthday…awwhh 😚😉😂 그는 5 월 18 일에 있습니다 . 야 ! I’m just so proud tho being born in the same month within one day after with one of  the bigbang members ( this feeling exist in all vips if they’re in the same as me ! )

So, I’m not gonna write a story what I did today, my dreams etc like other birthdays’ post blogger did…. this short telling about my birthday is just to tell the world that today is my day and I was born on this day  🙆


p/s : Who cares if you did not care about this 😂 . I didn’t plan to get any attention, just…this blog is my world, so yea..let me do what I want ! ✨💃


















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