My First Time Here..

Hi blog . Hi people

Um this is not really my first time because I’ve create a wordpress blog last year and it has been deleted by me for some reasons + I don’t really post anything, they were just 4 posts I think, …. but never mind, let’s just consider this as my first blog  🌈

#1 I’m a secondary school student 👧

#2 My favourite colour is all of the soft colour ! Feminine, solid yet attractive 😉 But anything bright and bold will do, actually..

#3 I’m a taurean

#4 I eat a lot. I just love food ( I love to taste !)

#5 I’ve many ambition *wink wink* haha.. ✨ maybe about the occupations.. I have so many wanna be,  but they’re all focus to 2-3 field that I’m interest in ❤️✨

#6 I’m only human.. we make mistakes and learn from it !

Till then.. X

cute ballet girl



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